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Insanity in the Media's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Insanity in the Media's LiveJournal:

Monday, January 29th, 2007
8:52 pm
rage... mounting ...
Dear 2SM newsreaders.

Please wait until your ridiculous news bulletin jingle has COMPLETED before attempting to butcher the English language in your leading story about the latest in a spate of grammatically incorrect stabbings.
Also, I die a little inside each time you broadcast twelve seconds of dead air, before launching into a faithful, yet unnecessary, rendition of the 7.5th bar of whatever Enya song was left in the CD player.
And finally, I beseech you to teach your newsreaders how to pronounce vowels.

My deepest regards and fury,

Current Mood: nit-picky
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
11:09 pm
Oh and MORE!
Wheeler asks for callers to suggest chance and community chest cards for an upgraded Monopoly Board.
- Margaret Whitlam agrees to hold your hand, advance to the nearest railway crossing.
- You are caught driving 30hm above the speed limit while on your provisional licence, miss six roles of the dice and hand in your licence for the rest of the game.
- Brian suggests 'John Howard is running for election again, collect your tax cut'.
- Mark suggests a segregation of disabled parking and associated penalties.
- Merl suggests 'you need to throw a six before you can become an Australian'.
- Kerrie suggests 'do not go to Sydney, do not collect the dole, go straight to the detention centre'.
- Claire suggests 'you hit a kangaroo, go to the nearest mechanic, pay them ten times the role of the dice' and 'ICAC finds in your favour, go around the board and pass go'.
- Jo suggests 'a week sitting in Parliament during a debate issue' as a punishment.

10:52 pm
Regarding a previous interview with Sam Crosby, President, Young Labor, caller Gloria says that Crosby was looking at NSW through rose-coloured glasses, and that you only have to listen to talkback radio to hear about all NSW's problems like stabbings and the mis-directed GST. She asks Wheeler to raise the issue of the environment to the Premier when he speaks to him.

Sorry Gloria. I think that you are a retard, and that is looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses. Mabye if you tried to move your wireless dial away from the 2UE slot at which it has been encrusted for the last fifty years, you would probably perk up a bit.
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
9:23 am
"Caller, Bob, wonders why the Catholic church should not be involved in the pregnancy counselling service. Morrison says 25% of the population say they are Catholic and wonders whether we should ask the Scientologists. Bob asks 'who these so-called women's groups are'. He says they are 'a pack of commos anyway'. Morrison says they see that anyone with a religious view should be discounted from social issues because they are 'old fashioned and backwards thinking'. Morrison says Eva Cox pumped out the same old rhetoric. He claims that people's religious views should not be excluded."

I love 2GB sometimes. It's so amusing.

You've got to love that Jason Morrison says that people's religious views should not be excluded when it comes to social issues and yet he has a problem when some Muslim Sheikh tells women to cover up.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
10:16 am
Unhappy Year of Our Lord 2007
Ten's Smutting Party an insult

"SUB-standard coverage, simulated sex, bad language and gross innuendo yesterday had Channel Ten's inaugural coverage of the New Year party being labelled the worst ever.

Viewers yesterday inundated Sydney radio stations with complaints after the family-style show, screened by the Nine Network in previous years, was replaced with one pitched at a younger demographic.

But the audience Ten was aiming for was anywhere but in front of a TV.

"They just treated the punters with utter contempt," caller Tony told 2GB.

The harshest criticism was reserved for the antics of Channel 9 star Bert Newton's son Matthew, who appeared on the John Foreman Show, aired between the 9pm and midnight fireworks.

Callers to 2GB yesterday said the noted party animal simulated oral sex with Foreman while the two sat at a piano.

Many claimed he also appeared to be affected by alcohol.

His antics follow former Ten Video Hits presenter Axle Whitehead exposing himself during the ARIA awards. He left the company soon afterwards.

Caller David, from Padstow, said Newton pretended to play the piano with his penis.

He said he rang to complain because Ten had given no indication of what was coming.

The Daily Telegraph understands the John Foreman Show was recorded several days ago, giving the broadcaster the opportunity to warn viewers about the content.

Radio station 2GB averaged more than 10 complaints an hour.

Caller Sally was critical of a promo for a new musical based on the film Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, screened at 9.25pm.

"It was just straight out sexual ... men dressed as women with great big boobs and whatever," she said.

During the promo, the characters said: "Get your tits off my feet" and "Go poofters".

A Ten spokeswoman said: "Last night nearly 1.5 million people watched a fresh and innovative approach to Sydney's New Year's Eve celebration on television. Material broadcast was within classification guidelines and deemed suitable for the timeslot."

A spokeswoman for Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore last night distanced the city from the broadcast.

"Channel 10 is responsible for the talent on the broadcast and ultimately it is their call on who is on the broadcast and the City of Sydney had no involvement in suggesting which talent appears," she said."

Maybe it's just me but I don't really think 2GB callers are an accurate cross-spectrum canvas of Australian opinion.

Caller, Ken: Was disappointed by the closure of last night's fireworks. The overall fireworks were brilliant but last night they did not have the waterfall at the end which they have had for the last 8 years. His wife was nearly in tears.
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
10:43 am
Caller, Lisa, says she was born in Finland like Santa Claus was. She claims she is a distant relative of Claus.

Caller, Noel, says he is turning 98 today. He says everyone is celebrating Xmas but it is his birthday today. He says they should show more consideration for people who have a birthday today.

Church leaders in Perth say there has been a resurgence in the number of people turning to religion. They claim this is because of more openness from young people and politicians being more frank about their religious belief as well as acknowledging the views of religious leaders.

Yeah, this sums up the extent of radio over Xmas. Though I suspect the afternoon host of ABC, Bonita Brown, had been drinking. She sounded quite sloshed and kept laughing at old people talking about cows and turkeys.

- Caller, Steven, says a baby turkey is a gobbler, Brown says that is close enough and says the answer is a 'poult'.
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