destroyer of worlds (katytron) wrote in insanityonair,
destroyer of worlds

Oh and MORE!

Wheeler asks for callers to suggest chance and community chest cards for an upgraded Monopoly Board.
- Margaret Whitlam agrees to hold your hand, advance to the nearest railway crossing.
- You are caught driving 30hm above the speed limit while on your provisional licence, miss six roles of the dice and hand in your licence for the rest of the game.
- Brian suggests 'John Howard is running for election again, collect your tax cut'.
- Mark suggests a segregation of disabled parking and associated penalties.
- Merl suggests 'you need to throw a six before you can become an Australian'.
- Kerrie suggests 'do not go to Sydney, do not collect the dole, go straight to the detention centre'.
- Claire suggests 'you hit a kangaroo, go to the nearest mechanic, pay them ten times the role of the dice' and 'ICAC finds in your favour, go around the board and pass go'.
- Jo suggests 'a week sitting in Parliament during a debate issue' as a punishment.

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